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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Willard No. 5" Model Clock

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Waterbury Willard No. 5

Catalog Description:

C.1906, Waterbury Clock Co., "Willard No. 5", mahogany cased banjo, 8-day, weight driven, with Mr. Vernon tablet set. Condition: very nice, from an old timer in California, the only thing that keeps this from being excellent is a chip in the outer head near one of the bezel attaching screws [near 4]. 8" porcelain dial is excellent; retains original painted weight, and unique Waterbury pulley, pendulum and beat scale. Runs fine, note when it was repaired in 1980, the workman soldered a bushing in the front plate, minute arbor; rest are fine; clock runs well. Height 42 inches