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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Topsy" Model Clock

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Waterbury Topsy

Catalog Description:

C.1860, Bradley and Hubbard, Meriden, Conn., "Topsy" 30-hour blinking eye clock. The case retains its original paint, except an area around the rigHeight front leg, which has been broken and arc-welded in place. It is a strong repair that would look better if painted over. The eyes, dial and bezel are original, however the eyes have been painted over and are looking a bit cross-eyed; hour hand needs repair. The movement is signed "Waterbury" and has been cleaned and is running strongly. The bezel has some dings and little flat area on one side. The glass needs to be mounted better in bezel. Hands not original. Height 16.50” $1,000-$1,500