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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Ships Bell No. 19" Model Clock

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Waterbury Ships Bell No. 19

Catalog Description:

C.1929, Waterbury Clock Co., Waterbury Conn, "Ship's Bell No. 19", 8-day time/strike clock/barometer/thermometer desk set. Condition: Brass case is in nice condition with some minor scratches and a little tarnish from wear to the lacquer finish; ship's motif bezels are hinged with button latches. Clean silvered dial has some wear to the numbers, especially the 4 and 8.. The hour hand is an old replacement. Barometer was made by Taylor Instrument Co. Both springs are good, jeweled movement ticks but strike will not start. This was an expensive clock as it retailed for $175.00 in 1929. Ht 9.5" [24.1 cm]