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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Regulator No. 7" Model Clock

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Waterbury Regulator No. 7

Catalog Description:

Waterbury Clock Co. "Regulator No. 7" wall clock with a great two jar mercury pendulum. We have sold this reproduction model in years past with a 12" bob on a lyre pendulum, but now we can offer the same style clock, with a nicer wood finish, and a top of the line mercury pendulum. The case is 7' high, has elaborate carvings on the top and base and grooved and etched designs over the case. It has thick beveled glass in the case sides, as well as the two glasses in the front door. The case is solid oak with a medium to dark stained finish, polished and rubbed. The movement is a pinwheel escapement and is 24K gold plated, identical to the movements found in the original No. 7's, is encased in a metal box that rests on a metal bracket attached to the case back. It is a superior movement and our repair folks tell us there is absolutely no difference in the reproduction movements and the originals. It has the appropriate weight, hands, keys, and anything else that should come with a clock of that caliber. It is a magnificent clock and identical to the No. 7's made in the late 1800's that today sells for $20,000. The originals with pictures and descriptions can be seen in Ly-Waterbury, pages 174-176.