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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Regulator No. 3" Model Clock

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Waterbury Regulator No. 3

Catalog Description:

C.1891, Waterbury, Regulator No. 3 (?), 2-weight, timepiece in an oak case. Condition: this clock is very attractive in appearance, nicely refinished some time ago and with very nice patina, raised panel on bottom trim absent. On removing the original dial, we find that the movement has a cam to operate a calendar mechanism. The back of the case has been refinished, so difficult to tell if it had a calendar in, or if someone found the movement for a No. 26 and installed it...in any case he left the cam in place so one can enjoy the clock as is, or remove the cam, or find a Wby calendar mechanism (pretty standard for models 23 and No. 151;33). Wby label in case bottom not legible. The movement has been recently cleaned and strung and is in good running order, and keeping perfect time in the case. Height 46 inches