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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Quebec" Model Clock

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Waterbury Quebec

Catalog Description:

C.1885, Waterbury Clock Co., "QUEBEC", Walnut cased wall clock, 8-day timepiece. Condition: the case has been totally disassembled and re-glued with epoxy; a nice job not visible from the front, but visible from the rear as the epoxy is gray. If you check in Ly's Waterbury Clock book (2001), page 197, you will see that the very top trim got lost and was replaced with top part of a walnut gingerbread that looks very nice; from the drawing you could make the catalog design, or enjoy as is. On the rear are a pair of exceptional labels; label inside case is worn. The movement is clean and running. Has nickeled bezel and pendulum; glass is clear; dial numerals have been strengthened over original surface; hands are good. If in original order, Ly recommends a price of $1300, so our estimate allows for the top and clear glass. Height 42 inches, 106cm