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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Parlor No. 87" Model Clock

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Waterbury Parlor No. 87

Catalog Description:

C.1900, Waterbury Clock Co., "Parlor No. 87", 8-day time/strike porcelain mantel clock in Cobalt Blue & in excellent LOOKING condition, with restoration. The applied gold work is almost totally intact and is especially attractive. Hurts: the front bezel is from a French clock, and has vacant F/S hole above 12; the proper Waterbury movement is nickel plated, cleaned and married to the French bezel. The original porcelain dial is missing and is replaced with a paper dial, covered with protective plastic; the dial is a bit too large for the bezel.. The gong has been relocated & vacant hole in sounding board. There is a small paper label on the back. An attractive clock for someone who is not fussed over the details. Height 10.5 inches