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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Newburgh" Model Clock

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Waterbury Newburgh

Catalog Description:

'THE NEWBURGH' Walnut Fancy mantle clock with alarm system. Antique clock collectors are always on the lookout for rare examples of any type or model. This particular mantle clock bears the old original Waterbury label on the back of the case (see photograph) and most of the wording is still present...except for the last few letters of the model name which starts with the letters NEWBU... (probably originally NEWBURGH, after the New York State town of the same name.) The rest of that line on the name paper is gone, so the full original name isn't certain. Ordinarily it would be easy enough to look up this clock in the original Waterbury catalogues in our research library but the Waterbury catalogues don't show this style clock case at all. And the original Waterbury catalogues for the years 1893 to 1904 have never been found. So this clock may have appeared during that time frame. Some models were made in smaller qualtities for special markets and sellers...such as Sears, Roebuck and Montgomery Ward stores. This might have been among those. We ARE positive that it was made by Waterbury-certified by the rest of the label which is in great shape and retains the full Waterbury Clock Company name...as well as the Waterbury name stamped into the brass of the front plate of the movement. So, it's really a rarely found model and in MINT condition. The clean brass 8-day movement runs well and strikes the hours on a coil gong. There is also a nicely made alarm mechanism in the lower left portion of the inside of the case (see photograph). These alarm mechanisms are rarely used by present-day owners...mostly because once wound and after the alarm begins to sound, it doesn't stop and can't be turned off until the alarm runs down fully...making an infernal racket!! Therefore, most owners today don't wind or set the alarms...but instead use their electric bedside alarm clock to get them up in the mornings. The gold design on the door glass has minor rubs, but other than that, this is a TERRIFICALY preserved Waterbury shelf clock in solid Walnut....and, look at those original brass hands!!! It's a REALLY wonderful 'find'. Height: 23 in. (58.42 cm) Depth: 4 in. (10.16 cm) Width: 15 in. (38.10 cm) Weight: 6