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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Navarro" Model Clock

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Waterbury Navarro

Catalog Description:

C.1893, Waterbury Clock Co., NAVARRO, cast figural mantel clock with copper sides, silver finish, open escapement on the dial. A popular name of Spanish heritage, Navarro is also a small town in Texas. Condition: although much of the original silver finish is rubbed to white metal, the case is overall in very good original condition. Dial is superb with no cracks. Good RACK striking movement is sound; gong has a bit of rust, easily cleaned. Full label on rear. For info on this model, see Tran Ly's book on Waterbury clocks, page 356, fig 1269. Ly price guide for 2001 = $500. An uncommon model. Ht 19.7"