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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Eton" Model Clock

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Waterbury Eton

Catalog Description:

C.1906, Waterbury Clock Co., "Eton", 8-day time and gong strike wall clock. Condition: Walnut case is in very clean condition with original finish, some restorations = top finial is replaced (should be larger), also bottom 2 finals and their "caps" replaced-OK. Original painted dial is clean with wear to the numbers and a small flake at the time side winding arbor. Hands are original. Although this pendulum does not show in the catalog, we have seen it on other Waterbury clocks that have returned from England. Nice labels [2] on case back, and good label inside bottom of case. Worth $1100 if perfect. Height 39.25 inches [99.6cm]