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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Eton" Model Clock

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Waterbury Eton

Catalog Description:

C.1905, Waterbury Clock Co., "ETON", oak cased, 8-day, spring driven wall regulator. Condition: although someone varnished over the entire case at some point, and that varnish has turned dark, this clock is otherwise 100% original. Retains Waterbury label in base of case (now faded), beat scale, pendulum and fancy pierced Waterbury hands. A minor point is the original pendulum stick has broken in the middle and been glued. But the Best part is on the rear, where two well preserved labels show that this clock has hung for may years in one spot, undisturbed, with the result that the labels are outstanding. For details on this model, see Tran Ly's book on Waterbury (2001), page 193. Height 39.2 inches