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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Commodore" Model Clock

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Waterbury Commodore

Catalog Description:

C.1929, Waterbury Clock Co., "COMMODORE" 8-day barometer/clock set in very good original condition, except for one missing "handle" (see foto below 6). The red brass case is in nice shape, but would benefit from a polishing. The silvered dials are in excellent condition with original hands. The reference hand for the barometer is set by rotating the ship's wheel. The clock is also wound by rotating the its ship's wheel. The hands for the clock are set by lifting a lever on the top of the case and rotating the ship's wheel. The thermometer is intact. See Tran Duy Ly's 2001 book on Waterbury Clocks, figure 2060; his price 450 dollars. The missing handle can be turned on a small lathe; runs but not for a full week. Height 6.5 inches