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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Cheshire" Model Clock

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Waterbury Cheshire

Catalog Description:

Waterbury Clock Co. "Cheshire", ca 1893. Movement is 8 day, half hour gong strike. Everything about this clock is original and has never been cleaned or refinished. Even if you like your clocks original with old crust, you will want to do some things to this one. It would look ever so much better if just the bob was polished. Gong base and dial rings are not very bad. The old dial from 6 feet looks great, up close you can see where it has chipped and been repaired. This old clock is so unusual with the balls around the outside of the case, the nice carved or pressed sections on top and base, and it just has a great look. If the case were refinished, or at least cleaned, and the dial repainted, it would be a knockout clock. There is a full label inside, signed beat scale, and the dial is signed. The 44.75 inches high case at first glance looks like mahogany. It is dark with a reddish cast but I will call it cherry. Originally had a cabinet finish, but now so covered with smoke and old waxes it is hard to tell how it was originally finished. There is a partial dry split of the backboard that could possibly be pulled together if it bothers you. Ly-Waterbury No. 629.