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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Calendar No. 36" Model Clock

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Waterbury Calendar No. 36

Catalog Description:

C.1891, Waterbury Clock Co., "Calendar No. 36", 8-day time & perpetual calendar oak wall clock. The refinished case is in excellent condition with no trim missing or damaged. The original upper dial has some minor paint flaking at the 12 o'clock position and is slightly dark from age. The wood mask between the two dials has developed some age cracks. The lower calendar dial has some paint flaking around the mounting screws, otherwise fine. The pendulum is original. The tail to the calendar hand has broken off. There are 2 very clean labels on the back of the case (model label intact). Suspension wire is absent (around $1). Overall nice example; compare to striker in previous lot; see also Ly, pages 104-5. Height 28 inches