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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Calendar No. 32" Model Clock

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Waterbury Calendar No. 32

Catalog Description:

Waterbury Clock Company "Calendar No. 32", ca 1891. Unusual walnut case is 38" high, spindles top and bottom, etched designs, and applied wood ornaments all over. I have not seen this model before and I researched auction all over the country and could not fine one sale. I assume it must be a rare model. The finish is very nice, perhaps rubbed a little or polished occasionally for there is very little build up of smoke, etc. The glass has been replaced and the dials repainted, otherwise it appears to be original. In the bottom is a signed porcelain beat scale, correct nickeled pendulum bob and nickeled dial rings, all hands are right, and there are labels everywhere. The inside label is black and to my eyes hardly legible, but I do make out Waterbury Clock Co. On the back are two large labels, one about 75 percent intact and the other much less. The movement is 8 day, time and strike, and all parts are functioning properly. Ly-Waterbury, page 111. The clock has always had a high book value, $2500 and more, probably because it is so rare.