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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Augusta" Model Clock

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Waterbury Augusta

Catalog Description:

Waterbury Clock Company's hanging "Augusta", ca 1893. A very heavy oak case with a cabinet finish, glass sides and gilt ornaments. It is almost 51 inches long, complete and basically original. Clocks this old and this heavy, always take a beating when they are moved or hauled. Too many things to pull loose or break. I see evidence of trim being nailed or glued back in place, a new spindle in the base of the top ornament, maybe a new pendulum stick or tiny piece of trim, and things of that nature, but nothing most collectors can't live with. Do not expect an original untouched clock; we rarely get one of those. The finish has been maintained with an occasional cleaning and feeding and the oak has aged beautifully. The weights are correct but you can tell they have fallen a time or two and the end caps are missing on both (assuming there ever were end caps) and half the lead is missing from one, but the clock runs and strikes just fine, so maybe they are correct. 8 day, chain-weight movement, strikes a gong. 10 inches silver dial has an expected amount of wear, all from turning the hands. The brass ornaments, pendulum bob, weights, etc. have not been polished in some time, and do not need to be unless that is your preference. Ly-Waterbury No. 600.