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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Augusta" Model Clock

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Waterbury Augusta

Catalog Description:

Waterbury Clock Co. hanging weight clock, "Augusta", ca 1893. Chain pull up 8 day movement, 2 twisted weights. 51 inch oak case, excellent carvings,cabinet finish, glass sides, gilt ornaments. Pendulum is not the one in the picture. I put a Seth Thomas pendulum on for the picture, later found a plain one, but still not a Waterbury pendulum. Original silvered dial is soiled and lost some silver. It seems no two of this model are alike, always slightly different especially the top finials, carvings, head pieces, and castings. This clock sure looks to be original but there are so many brass pieces some were always getting lost and replacements made. All the pieces and parts appear to be correct. Ly-Waterbury No.600. The price guides now value this clock over $4000.