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Antique Waterbury Clock Co. "Atlanta" Model Clock

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Waterbury Atlanta

Catalog Description:

Waterbury Clock Co. hanging clock, "Atlanta", ca 1893. Perhaps the rarest of the series of open well clocks that started with the "Study No.1" in 1890. Waterbury gradually made them larger and fancier thru the Study series, then came the series we call the southern models, Alabama, Augusta, and Atlanta, the largest at 53 inches high. Most all of the clocks in the series were made of oak and had silver dials. The Atlanta model shown in the catalogs are all made of oak and have no brass ornaments. This case is mahogany with brass ornamentations top to bottom, white painted metal dial and brass ornamentation in the dial center. The painted dial is very nice so no doubt it has been repainted. There are half columns at top, full at bottom, all fluted.The movement is an 8 day, chain pull up, 2 weight, striking a gong. Pendulum, weights, hands, all polished and original. The case was cleaned with steel wool, some places not cleaned as well as others. I don't know about a label, I can't lift the clock off the wall. If there is one, you will get a bonus. This clock must have been built for an important customer. It goes way beyond what they advertised for sale. It is a great looking original clock. Ly-Waterbury No.599. Estimated value was over $4000 in 2001.