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Antique Seth Thomas "World" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas World

Catalog Description:

C.1905, Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn, "WORLD", Octagon drop, 8-day time and strike in rosewood, with seconds hand. Condition: this is an interesting clock for several reasons. First off is the rosewood veneer. I have a World in my personal collection that is in rosewood, and it is very uncommon to find (see 1896 catalog offering both globe and World clocks in Rosewood). The world came in both wide a narrow versions, of which this is the narrow. The dial on this clock has been refinished not once, but twice, after the first, the guy didn't like his results so he wire wooled the numerals off and started over. All this work is obvious under a magnifying glass, but at a distance, looks quite good. The finish on the case is original, with only a couple of finish checks on the edge (veneer is perfect). For complete details, see Tran Ly's book on Seth Thomas, 3rd Edition, Vol 1, page 322-323. Overall a very good example of this model. Inside label dark but readable. Ht 32" [81.5cm]