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Antique Seth Thomas "Umbria" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Umbria

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas wall clock, "Umbria", ca 1909. 40.5 inches case was made of old oak and is retaining its original finish with the exception of routine polishing. The right hand corner of the lower door is darker than other parts and I suspect hung over a coal burning fireplace or a coal oil lamp. Not bad and can probably be cleaned with diligence. Top piece, finial, bottom trim, all original and intact. For a Seth Thomas dial this one is pretty good, the paint is tight and one can find a couple of spots where some judicious touch up was done. The movement is the big No. 40, 15 day, time only, running great. Someone has removed the Geneva stops so it would probably run 40 days on a full wind. The original brass beat scale and full label are inside on the bottom. It also has the original stick and bob, both in excellent condition. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 474.