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Antique Seth Thomas "The Helmsman" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas The Helmsman

Catalog Description:

Ship's bell clock with eight-day movement. Seth Thomas Clock Company has been making ship's clocks for many years. Present-day collectors seem to be asking for them with a passion. This one was named THE HELMSMAN by Seth Thomas and was made around 1936 with a 4" silvered dial having both 12 hour numerals and the 24 hour ring as well. The bells strike the ships bell watch system starting with 8 bells at noon and then one bell at 12:30, two bells at 1:00 PM; three bells at 2:00 PM and so forth until eight bells are again reached at 4:00 PM after which the sequence starts again. Eight bells sound at 12; 4 and 8. There are some minor pits in the brass case which can't really be noticed as the clock sits on the shelf or desk. A really nice example of this type clock at a reasonable price. Height: 9 in. (22.86 cm) Depth: 4 in. (10.16 cm) Width: 11 in. (27.94 cm) Weight: 2