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Antique Seth Thomas "Sonora Chime Clock No.14" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Clock No.14

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas 5 Bell Sonora Chime clock No.14, ca 1915. Mahogany case is 14 inches high, clean with no damage, complete and all original. 6 inch silver dial, signed, only slight dirty, minimal wear which is very unusual for silver dials. Chime movement is No.90B, time movement is 89 O. Runs and strikes the 5 resonated bells in the base. For years we hardly every saw a Sonora Chime clock, but when the prices escalated a few years ago collectors began to take their profits. The chimes can be silenced, leaving the hour only striking, or allowed to play Westminster chimes every 15 minutes. Round brass feet, bowed and beveled glass in the brass sash. Ly-Seth Thomas #713.