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Antique Seth Thomas "Santa Fe" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Santa Fe

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas City Series, another one named for a western city, "Santa Fe", C. 1886. This particular clock was made February 1889, according to the factory stamp. The walnut case make to look like it was constructed of logs, rough lumber, cactus, and leaves of brass. Many nails of brass, more for looks than holding anything together. The case is 22.5" high, has been refinished, I can't imagine that job. Excellent original glass, identical to the clock referenced below; full black label inside, old Seth Thomas pendulum. New paper dial on the old pan. 8 day strike and alarm. Strikes on the cathedral gong, alarms on a bell behind the gong stand. This has always been a tough one for the collectors to find. I may have had 5-6 over the years and no two were exactly alike. Ly-Seth Thomas #222.