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Antique Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 6" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Regulator No. 6

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 6", C. 1970's. This is #480 of 4000 reproductions made by Seth Thomas in the 1970's. It is the same scale 48-49" high, same finials, dial, pendulum ball, beat scale, door locks, movement, etc. Double side locks, label on the base signifying it was made by Seth Thomas and showing it is #480 of 4000. The No. 2 style movement is marked, "S T 61 A414-000 7801". I am sure this clock has not been on the wall since it was made, more than likely in a box under the bed. It looks like it was made yesterday. I have had it in my den a few months (left the originals in the basement) and I would recommend it be oiled before extended use. I doubt it has been oiled since it was made. Ly-Seth Thomas #391 pictures the C. 1884 model.