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Antique Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 2" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2

Catalog Description:

C.1910, Seth Thomas, "Regulator No. 2", 8-day mahogany timepiece in fair condition, with restorations. The bezel has been re-veneered and is lifting at the joints and at the edges. The bottom bracket has a poor repair to correct some lifting veneer and the two cap ends on either side of the base are missing. The movement is old, but the cast iron mounting bracket looks to be new and is broken and distorted and the movement is currently fastened with one screw. The dial is new. The pendulum & pulley are incorrect, but replacements are available from Timesavers. This is a timepiece for someone who wants to do restoration on the case and replace the pendulum, pulley and repair movement mount. Weight is OK, but has been dropped; has original faded label in case bottom, with tears. In original condition, this would have been worth $2000. Height 37 inches