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Antique Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 17" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Regulator No. 17

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Regulator No.17, ca 1884. 8 day time, 1 weight, running like all large regulators, never missing a beat. The large clocks are so well constructed of heavy brass and wood materials, they endure over time with little maintenance. Usually a little oil from time to time is all that is needed. Very nice 68 inch oak case, came from an attorney's office where it had been hanging for years. The only possible addition to the clock may be the door knob. The catalogs show a door knob on this model. There are two door locks on the side that are operational, however the little brass catch in the door is missing. These can be obtained from Timesavers. Very nice brass pendulum bob, weight, beat scale, dial ring, and the door locks. A really nice 14 inch original painted dial, with a seconds dial. The movement beats seconds, or 60 beats per minute. We see very few of these large old regulators. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 126, gives all the particulars of this model, with an estimated value of $4500 in the 2000 price guide. Large Seth Thomas clocks, in good condition have been bringing 25% to 50% more than that estimate in the last 2 years.