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Antique Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 1 Extra" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Regulator No. 1 Extra

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 1 Extra", ca 1860. The round movement was either purchased from the creditors of Silas B. Terry in 1859, or made from the patterns purchased at the same time. The round 8 day, time only movements were used a short time before they went to the rectangle movements. The old zinc dial pan is original and has been professionally repainted. The gold around the glass and the gold painted wood stick, brass bob, and glasses, are also original. The sliding partition where a label should be has been added. It looks fine, hides the descending weight, but nonetheless there is no label. Rosewood veneer case like 99% of the octagon bezel clocks has had some minor repairs and I notice one small chigger bite that should be stained or a tiny piece of veneer put on. The base is a remake, well done, veneered to match. The catalogs say this model clock should be 44 inch. I have probably had 20 over the years, none were over 41.5 inch, same as this one. Large flat iron weight descends behind the partition Clock is running. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 108-109.