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Antique Seth Thomas "Office Calendar No. 7" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 7

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Office Calendar No. 7", C. 1878. This No. 7 in some ways is a better clock than #64, but the rosewood veneer on #64 always looks better to me. This walnut veneer case is very nice, still with the original finish, a tiny veneer chip or two, scuffed on the bottom of the door, but no harm. This door has a hook on the side, where #64 has a key lock on the side. The biggest negative is that the case apparently split slightly around the lower hinge. It hasn't been tinkered with and is not bad as is. I probably would not do anything. Dials look very good, color matches, but top dial was repainted at some time. Two excellent full labels. The one on the door says the clock was set to running on August 1, 1878. The case is 26.5" high. Movement is 8 day, strikes hours on a large brass bell, perpetual calendar is working properly. Ly-Seth Thomas #67; Ly-Calendar #608.