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Antique Seth Thomas "Office Calendar No. 2" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 2

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Office Calendar No. 2", C. 1862, when calendar clocks were first offered. They were introduced in their catalog of 1863. The full black label shows the Plymouth Hollow address as does the dial. I researched several of the early calendars clocks and none of the first movements were identical, which means to me they hadn't settled on one movement in those formative years. This is a magnificient original rosewood case. Granted there are some corner nicks and a tiny bit of veneer chipped on the left side but I challenge anyone to show me a better, more original clock. I removed both 14" square dial pans, (they are the original pans-repainted by Jim West, Houston) and the screw holes are tight. The screws couldn't have been removed more than 2-3 times in 140 years. The case is 40.75" high, all the catalogs say they are 42.5"?? This is a big clock, none of the catalog pictures do them justice. It is 8 day of course, 1 correct and original weight, time only. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 34-35. Note that our clock is much older than the No. 1 and No. 2 pictured. Another reference is Millers "Calendar Clocks", pages 10-11.