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Antique Seth Thomas "No. 8022" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas No. 8022

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas and Sons statue clock, No. 8022. I have been preaching for several years that the Seth Thomas and Sons statue clocks would be goingup in price, just as soon as prices for the poplar Ansonia statue prices gotout of reach of the average collector. That started happening a year or twoago. Now I am only speaking to a dozen or so of the Seth Thomas statues, theones that have that "size and look". This is definitely our favorite andevidently the favorite of many decorators, as they snatch them away from usas quick as we can get them restored. This clock has been professionally restoredin a Syrian Bronze color. Everything is in place except the back door whichis missing. The 8 day movement is running but will need to be put in beat. Signed round French type movement, bell strike, outside count wheel. Theporcelain dial has been touched up where all Seth Thomas porcelain dialschip, around the arbors. The dial looks fine now. I notice that Tran Du Ly's, American Clocks, Volume 2, gave a value for this clock of $900 in the year2000. I would fully expect it would bring considerably more today.