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Antique Seth Thomas "No. 1 Extra" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas No. 1 Extra

Catalog Description:

C.1875, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "No. 1 Extra", 8-day regulator timepiece, with restorations. The case has been reveneered in walnut with a cherry stain (would have been rosewood originally). It is very difficult to veneer these curved surfaces and as a result it is a bit uneven and is starting to lift in some areas. The dial has been professionally repainted. The hands are original. Both glasses are original, as are the gilt pendulum rod and pendulum There is label inside the case, with some tears and losses, but legible; paper beat scale is intact. It is difficult to estimate this clock; if it had the original veneer in good shape, it would be worth around 4000 dollars. From 10 feet away it looks great. Height 42 inches