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Antique Seth Thomas "Newark" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Newark

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas, "Newark", ca 1886, the date stamped on the back of the case indicating it was made on that date. 8 day, hourly strike on a Cathedral Gong, alarms on a brass bell, running fine. The only reason this clock can't be called original is the addition of a new paper dial, on the old zinc pan. The rest of the clock is great. It has the deluxe Seth Thomas brass pendulum and hanger, and the brass dial rings. Clock is running and striking. This is a really nice 22" walnut case, with the usual rubs and dings, in other words not perfect but plenty nice. There is a nice black label inside. This model, although having the kitchen clock look, is really one of their early City Series clocks that were made with better workmanship and materials. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 212.