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Antique Seth Thomas "Newark" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Newark

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Clock Co. city series, "Newark", ca 1899. There are differences in the two Newark's which at first glance isn't obvious. The bases are different. The side trim is permanently attached to the case body on this clock, but on the other the trim is attached to and is a part of the door. The main difference is the strike mechanism. This one doesn't strike the hours, just alarms with 2 hammers, one hits coil gong, other hits brass bell, simultaneously and very loud. There is a shut off lever on top of the case, believe me you will find it quickly. This model is referred to as the "Woods" alarm. The paper dial is original as is the old glass, and the pendulum. Movement is 8 day and running. Ly-Seth Thomas No.212.