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Antique Seth Thomas "Navy Lever" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Navy Lever

Catalog Description:

C.1910, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Navy Lever" 30-hour marine timepiece in very good original condition. This nickel plated brass example is in pretty nice condition with some minor dings and scratches from use. The bezel snaps onto the case and is held with safety chains when detached; note you must first put the top of the bezel over one stationery retainer. A thumbscrew below 6 releases the lower latch and allows the bezel to be removed or attached. Most importantly, the movement winds on the side of the case, to the right of 3. Assuming it was running on time, there was no need to remove the bezel as the winding key fits externally. The hands are original. The silvered dial has some minor scratches. Height 7.25 inches