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Antique Seth Thomas "Mayflower" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Mayflower

Catalog Description:

7 Jeweled ships clock with 8-day ship's bell striking system. This pristine ships bell clock was manufactured by the SETH THOMAS CLOCK COMPANY around 1930 in Thomaston, Connecticut. It is all original with a silvered brass 3 3/4 inch dial that retains its original spade hands and etched black Arabic numerals. The newly polished brass case has been laquered to prevent tarnish and looks as good as it did the day it left the factory in Connecticut. The case style is often referred to as the 'Helmsman' because of its spoked ship's wheel design. However, the correct name given this clock by Seth Thomas was the 'MAYFLOWER'. The fine movement has a seven jewel mechanism that is running well and striking the ships bells perfectly every half-hour. For you 'landlubbers' the ships bell striking system goes like this: The clock sounds eight bells at 12 o'clock...4 o'clock and 8 o'clock. Then the count begins all over again every half-hour with one bell, two bells, three bells etc. until eight bells are sounded again. It's not all that hard to understand if you think of the eight-bells at 12 o'clock and then one bell at 12:30 and 2 bells at 1:00 and three bells at 1:30 and 4 bells at 2 and five bells at 2:30 and so on until it reaches 8 bells again at 4 o'clock and then it starts all over again. Still confused? Then maybe you should consider joining the Army where they tell time differently!! :0) The clock includes an 8-day Seth Thomas No. 115-A time and strike movement and a micrometer on the dial to adjust the speed of the clock for excellent time-keeping. On the dial are the words: SEVEN JEWELED EIGHT DAY SHIP'S BELL in two lines of Upper Case letters. At the bottom edge of the dial are the words MADE BY SETH THOMAS IN USA. All marine clocks of that era were manufactured to the exacting specifications dictated by the U.S. Naval Observatory. The wooden plaque on which the clock is mounted is a recent addition which can be hung on the wall or displayed on an easily obtainable desk easel (sold by craft stores). This is a really attractive clock that has been professionally serviced to provide years of faithful timekeeping. Height: 8 in. (20.32 cm) Depth: 5 in. (12.70 cm) Width: 11 in. (27.94 cm) Weight: 5