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Antique Seth Thomas "Madonna and Child" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Madonna and Child

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas and Sons, "Madonna and Child", ca 1876. These early Seth Thomas and Sons clocks used French type movements. This one is typical French, 8 day, round, bell strike, outside count wheel. It is signed by Seth Thomas. When making this series of clocks they certainly put their money in the movement, dial, bezel, and beveled glass, which I supposeis more important than the cast metal case. This case is 16 inches high and18 inches wide. Most all the cases were white metal, very few werebronzes. The finish they used on all the models was not good, as most allhave to be repainted, or have expensive bronze or gold gilt put on. Thereis a lot of detail to this clock, it is original, complete, and had a newfinish put on several years ago. For the price this is certainly a lot ofclock. Ly-American, Volume 2, No. 851.