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Antique Seth Thomas "Long Alarm" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Long Alarm

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas alarm clock, "Long Alarm" ca 1910. Bought and distributed by a New York company as an advertising piece. Inscribed on the dial is, "Geo. W. Welsh's Son., New York", plus the street address. Touted as a "long alarm" it is that. It will alarm for about 15 minutes with one winding. It is not a sound you want to listen to for 15 minutes. One day movement, seconds dial and alarm dial, wind and set in back, alarm switch in front. Metal case is 9 inches high, finished in an oxidized copper finish. Looks nice and original but typical of this clock the round metal on top tends to crack and split, no doubt from heat and cold. This is a very nice example of Seth's top of the line alarm clocks. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 25.