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Antique Seth Thomas "Lincoln VP" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Lincoln VP

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Clock Co .mantle clock, "Lincoln, V.P.", ca 1886. We rarely see this model in oak, it was refinished with a high luster. Accessories all polished and shining bright, nickel pendulum, gong, dial ring, brass beat scale, and brass weights. The old glass looks to be original. The inside label is suspect, it may be a mail order label. I can understand putting a new label in the case if you are restoring a rare clock. Weights are compounded to insure running 8 days. Several old holes, rotten places, in the backboard, filled and finished over and looks very nice.Movement is signed, strikes a cathedral gong on the hours. The new dial pan was recently painted, the dial board and the blocks holding the dial board in place, are all new. Restoration was professionally done. Clock is original and complete except where noted. Ly-Seth Thomas No.1001 (No.1004 has the same movement, gong, etc.)