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Antique Seth Thomas "Lincoln VP" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Lincoln VP

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Lincoln VP", ca 1886. Made in walnut and ebony, which was very poplar in the late 1800's. I see many Lincoln's where the ebony was removed or an attempt was made to remove. You can always tell. It is our experience the collectors would rather have an original case, no matter the wood. This model uses the heavy trapezoid 8-day movement that is running, striking hours on a patented cathedral gong that has a deep resonating sound. They are always weight driven and came with nickel or brass accessories; this one has brass. Note the weights are slightly different size. I have seen two or three dozen of this model and half had weights slightly different size. This original case is 27 inches high, dial flaking slightly, has a beat scale. Ly-Seth Thomas, No.1001-1004.