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Antique Seth Thomas "Kent" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Kent

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas City Series mantle clock, "Kent", C. 1909. The clock was only made in dark oak, stands 14.25" high. As happened so many times with this type clock they didn't make them exactly alike. Each run may be different depending on materials available. This clock is original but has some features, particularly the applied pieces that are different from catalog pictures. There are not many of the Kent's around. We haven't seen many and for sure not enough for each collector of City Series clocks to have one. The finish and everything else about the clock is original. It has not been messed with. The paper dial, brass inner dial, brass sash, all very good. Very clean and bright, signed 8 day movement. Runs nice and strikes a standing gong. Ly-Seth Thomas #197.