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Antique Seth Thomas "Inspiration" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Inspiration

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas and Sons, statue clock, "Inspiration", ca between 1853-1875 when all their metal clocks were made. The metal castings were done by a New York company and the movements made in Connecticut. It is generally said that the movements were the best made in Conn. during the 1800's but not as good as the French movements they copied. The castings on this clock are from an alloy, not bronze, and then covered with a gilt. This particular clock has been completely restored by Bruce Baziluk in a Syrian Bronze color. The 8 day movement has an outside count wheel and strikes a standing gong. The case is 21" high and 21" wide. This is an uncommon and rare model, and is not shown in Ly's books with the other Seth Thomas and Sons clocks.