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Antique Seth Thomas "Grand Daughter" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Grand Daughter

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas, Westminster Chime Hall Clock, "Grand Daughter", ca 1934. Unusually nice clock, just a little less than six feet tall at 67", good lookingmahogany case with distinctively grained panels of crotch mahogany, in thedoor and on the base. Seth Thomas No. 113 movement with 5 rods, spring driven, strikes Westminster chimes on quarter hours, and the number of hours. Thebonnet slides off just like the big clocks. It has cathedral windows on thesides to let the sound out. Large silver dial and silver dial ring. The numeralsare etched and all other designs are painted on. Dial is signed, "Seth Thomas", and "Made in the USA". The only problem I find is that the chimes are outof sequence and at least one hammer is not hitting the rod correctly. Smallproblem. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 668.