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Antique Seth Thomas "Flora" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Flora

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas hanging clock, "Flora", ca 1884. Made in the period when Seth Thomas was making their finest clocks. Cases had good designs, better wood used, high grade movements, weights, etc. I have not seen this movement in another Seth Thomas clock. The weights are compounded to run 8 days in a shorter case. We had the movement restrung using good cord.We don't get very many cherry cases. This one is 38 inches, is a very clean case, and has door locks on the side. Unusual carved designs on the sides, flowers, leaves, and vines. All the brass has been polished, weights, pendulum, gong, and beat scale. The Dial House repainted the dial, glasses are original. Hands are not original, but correct for this model. Factory manufacture date stamped on the case back, "1887. Ly-Seth Thomas No.487.