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Antique Seth Thomas "Fashion No. 5" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Fashion No. 5

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Made for the Southern Calendar Clock Co. , Fashion No. 5", ca 1875-1889. The Fashions used the Andrews calendar mechanism which many horologists feel is the most accurate and dependable calendar mechanism ever made. This No. 5 model was the first using a long pendulum. Cases are 32 inches high and made of fine walnut. The movements were 8 day, hour strike on a bell. I note that the dials have been repainted which seems to be standard procedure for the Fashions, and the calendar dial has the seldom seen name,"Fashion Calendar Clock". The finials are not original to this clock but were expertly copied from originals. The clock is running and operating properly. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 58 thru 68; Ly-Calendar, page 275 thru 292, and Millers "Calendar Clocks", page 107 thru 118.