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Antique Seth Thomas "Fashion No. 4" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Fashion No. 4

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas - Southern Calendar Clock Co., "Fashion No. 4", ca 1880 One of the first models not using veneer The solid walnut case is 32 inches high, and the last of the short pendulum models Beginning with the No 5 the pendulum hung low in the case and was not visible The seconds dial on this model is recessed in the time dial, where on the No 3 the seconds dial was flush with the time dial This clock came to us in a large collection of clocks we bought from a retired doctor I took it off his living room mantle where it had been running several years It is 8 day, striking hours on a bell He had the dials professionally repainted, movement cleaned and bushed, and it is a good runner A nice original Fashion Ly-Calendar, page 275 thru 292; Ly-Seth Thomas, page 58 thru 68 and Millers "Calendar Clocks",page 107 thru 118