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Antique Seth Thomas "Eclipse" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Eclipse

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Hanging Balltop", or "Eclipse" wall clock, c. early 1900's Not pictured in any of the Seth Thomas catalogs which I have never understood. It was made in the very early 1900's and they are not all that uncommon. I have seen 50 or more myself. The shelf model is pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas No.2080. The movements in all of them have been 8 day, strike and alarm, and not always the same type movement. This one is the Lyre style, No. 5 7/8, and an Eclipse pendulum. Runs very well. The movement feet moved from all 4 original holes.Walnut case, 27 1/2 inches high. Finials, glass, and inside label, all original. New paper dial on the old zinc pan I would call this case a variant as it is different than others I have seen. A small piece of the bottom spear was made to complete that one small piece of wood, and was made to match the 2 spears just above it. A very attractive Balltop.