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Antique Seth Thomas "Eclipse" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Eclipse

Catalog Description:

8-day "Eclipse" mantle clock. Although two books have been published on Seth Thomas clocks, the shelf or mantle "Eclipse" seems to elude publishers. Since it is one of the more popular of the Seth Thomas line, we wonder why there isn't more information available on this handsome and elegant clock? This beauty has a solid Walnut case with the distinctive Eclipse five-ball top or crown. It includes an eight-day movement with a full strike on the hours and one strike each half-hour. The door glass is also original and in the unique ECLIPSE design. This is also true of the pendulum which has the name ECLIPSE impressed into the cast metal 'bob'. Overall, this is a clean, attractive and much-prized mantle clock that we are pleased to offer to our customers who value the best. Height: 25 in. (63.50 cm) Depth: 5 in. (12.70 cm) Width: 14 in. (35.56 cm) Weight: 6