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Antique Seth Thomas "Drop Octagon, 10 Inch" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Drop Octagon, 10 Inch

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas, "10 Inch Drop Octagon", ca 1912. The number "12" is stamped on the back of the case, I say it was made 1912. This clock was made in several styles and sizes, this one in old oak, polished, in near perfect original condition, standing 22.5 inches high. 10 inches painted metal dial still with original paint. Compared to other Seth Thomas dials this old, I will call it near perfect. Has an original set of hands, old pendulum, and brass bezel, knob, etc. are all excellent. The movement is 8 day, time only, and runs up a storm. Since there is no strike you can put it in the guest bedroom. If you only have a few clocks this should be your next purchase because it is near perfect and dependable. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 506.