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Antique Seth Thomas "Concord" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Concord

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Clock Co. City Series clock, the "Concord", ca 1886. Another of the early models when Seth was making very nice parlor clocks, not kitchen clocks, like everyone began making in the late 1800's. This walnut case is 22 1/2 inches, with a lot of unusual carvings, top to bottom. Note the acorns on the lower finials. Original finish, case is complete. It sat too close to a lantern or fireplace at some time, 2 of the 4 finials are slightly scorched, bottom left the worse. Some sanding and staining should put it right again. 8 day, striking a cathedral bell, running strong. Nickel accessories, bob, gong base, dial ring. Original black label on the base. This model is very poplar with the City Series collectors. Ly-Seth Thomas No.175.