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Antique Seth Thomas "College Series, New York" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas College Series, New York

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "New York", ca 1897, one of their College Series, others being, Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Cambridge, and Oxford. This is a nice set to collect if you want to impress folks about your knowledge of Ivy League schools. According to the catalogs all six were made of old oak, 23 inches high, were 8 day, half hour strike on a Cathedral bell, and had six inch dials. Now that we have established how they were all made, this one is not oak but walnut. It is time, strike, and alarm, and has two labels, both about 75% intact. Clock is running, all original finish and wood parts. The factory stamp on the back indicates it was made Sept. 1897. Ly-Seth Thomas #1103.